CMMS Software Solution

Companies that keep track of and control their equipment maintenance, purchasing activities and spare parts inventory have the capability to achieve their profitability and sustainability goals. Finding CMMS software solutions is one way that allow organizations to achieve their set objectives. Nevertheless, this can only be accomplished by use of correct tools that maximize asset performance while controlling maintenance costs. The

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CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management Software. This is a database application that makes it easy for organizations to effectively streamline, control and track all aspects of their maintenance operations. The CMMS software solution proves handy for maintenance managers along with workers in an organization.

CMMS systems serve to assist maintenance managers in performing their day-to-day operations effectively. These systems provide real-time data concerning the equipment downtime, work order status, inventory levels, and more.

Features of CMMS

  • Work order management
  • Resource labor as well as vendor management
  • Asset management
  • Equipment maintenance management
  • Preventative maintenance management
  • Inventory management
  • Helpdesk
  • Reporting tools and dashboards
  • Inspection scheduling and more

Uses of CMMS software

CMMS software can be useful when it comes to scheduling tasks. It acts as a reliable and handy work calendar that helps in scheduling preventative maintenance.

The system can also be effective in tracking work orders. Maintenance managers pick equipment that has a problem and describes the problem before assigning a technician to handle the work. When the work is accomplished, a technician marks that specific work-order complete’ and notifies the manager when the work is complete.

CMMS software is also useful in managing inventory. Maintenance teams usually store and manage inventory, which includes things like supplies and spare parts. CMMS systems allow the managers to see the number of items in storage, number of items utilized in repairs, and those that are supposed to be ordered.


Better accountability

The software allows managers to figure out if technicians and other staff do the work on time, consequently leading to fewer breakdowns.

Less work outages

Since the system allows you to perform preventative maintenance, it simply means that surprise breakdowns are low.

Less overtimvmnmbvmcbmvve

The system allows you to schedule and distribute work evenly among the staff. Therefore, your team will not be idling around thus resulting in less overtime.

Savings on purchases

A computerized maintenance system encompasses inventory-planning features, which give you ample time to shop for your spare parts rather than buying them in a hurry. This saves you more on purchases.