A systematic guide on torrenting with a VPN

Today, uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent Clients. It is one of the easiest ways to download files over the internet. However, users must use uTorrent anonymously as they can benefit greatly by keeping their identity protected while downloading files and documents.

Why should users keep their identity protected while using uTorrent?

hgshgs67shgsasauTorrent does not automatically hide the identity of the users who use it to download files. As a result, if a user does not hide his online identity, information about them will be available to every other user using uTorrent. This way, people can get your IP address and use it to their advantage. It is for this very reason that uTorrent users must learn from this systematic guide on torrenting with a VPN. You can also check out the Ultimate VPN torrenting guide for more info.

Why should a user choose a VPN for torrenting?

VPN refers to a Virtual Private Network. VPNs are the best way to torrent while keeping your identity hidden because they offer higher encryption (they even encrypt your Internet connection) and hence, increased safety. This way, users can download any file without having to worry about releasing their true identity or IP address by mistake.

How to torrent with a VPN?

Create an account and connect

These days, torrenting with a VPN has become quite easy as most VPN providers provide users with an easy-to-use VPN software that can be installed with a single click. To torrent with a VPN, start by creating a VPN torrent account. You will be required to pay a small fee, but VPNs are usually inexpensive and affordable. Once you have bought a VPN account, connect it with uTorrent. Many VPN providers give the option of ‘advanced settings’ which allow users to increase their online safety. However, if you are not well-acquainted with the various options provided in this section, it is always a good idea to stick to the default settings.

Use the mask IP address to download

hgshagsa6ashgasOnce you are done connecting, you will be provided with a masked IP address by your VPN provider. Your online identity is hidden and safe if the IP address being transmitted by your uTorrent is same as the masked IP address provided by your VPN provider. If the two IP addresses are same, you can start downloading without worrying for your safety.

If you want to enhance your digital safety, you must use all Torrent-related websites anonymously. Other than that, you can also use the services of an IP address protection tool to keep your system from connecting with unwanted IP addresses over the internet.

Use this systematic guide on torrenting with a VPN and enjoy all the benefits.


Five Advantages Of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are some of the latest developments in the wireless world. They are external speakers that can connect to your laptop, personal computer or smartphone wirelessly. Bluetooth speakers are great speakers if you like to listen to music while outdoors. You can find some excellent speakers on Bluetooth speakers under 100. If your idea is to catch up on your best songs while in the park, on a picnic or a camping trip with friends, this is a perfect investment.

Many great things make bluetooth speakers stand out from the rest. Below are five main advantages of Bluetooth speakers

Advantages of Bluetooth speakers


Portability means you can take these speakers to any place you want. They are high-quality speakers that can easily fit into your handbag. If you want to enjoy your desired music while on picnic or park, you can get this in Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are perfect for a great party. They offer excellent voice quality.


Another main advantage of Bluetooth speakers is efficiency. This is one aspect of Bluetooth speakers that distinguish them from ordinary speakers. They consume very little power compared to others of the kind. In fact, you can use a Bluetooth battery for almost 48 hours non-stop. Another benefit is that most Bluetooth speaker models use AA batteries. This takes away the requirement of external adapters.

No installation required

Bluetooth speakers do not need any intervention to install any software to get connected. When a device gets into the range of five minutes, it automatically connects to the Bluetooth speakers.

No issues in regard to sound disturbances

Even when blocked with another device, it will still give you a great sound. Bluetooth speakers are small in size but are stronger than regular speakers.

Work with many devices

kmkmdkmskmkdvmsknvksvdBluetooth speakers are compatible with many devices including iPhones and smartphones. They work very well with phones, and since most smartphones have music playing capabilities, you can easily listen to all sorts of  music via the Bluetooth speakers.

With the above benefits, it is true that these speakers are always part of the best-sellers list in many shops. Bluetooth speakers are cost effective. They are not expensive as most people may think. And since they do not require any cable or wires to set up, connect with the source device, this is generally among the safest options for families.


Gaggia Anima Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

The gaggia anima super automatic espresso machine has several buttons programmed with the user’s preferences the beverage volume and strength. The gaggia anima super automatic espresso machine review help the customers make the best choice when buying the coffee brewing machine. The brewing temperature can adjust. The machine has dedicated buttons, which with a touch they brew desired beverage.

Different features

Optiaroma System

The optiaroma system will indicate the amount of the coffee grounds to be used in a single brewing process. It is kjbvfdzghgranging size between 6.5 – 11.5 grams of coffee required for a single brew.

The machine has five strength settings from which the user chooses their desired setting to use according to the volume they will require.

Integrated milk carafe

Integrated milk carafe IS used preparing special milk drinks with a press on a button. The carafe is double-chambered, and it’s locked at the front of the machine which allows the milk to froth and then it will be delivered directly into your cup.

The removable carafe can auto clean itself enabling the milk to be clean after every cycle. It can also be removed and stored in a refrigerator when it is not being used. The removed carafe will leave space for a hot water spout that will be attached to dispense hot water for several purposes including being used for drinks and even hot tea.

Bypass door and grinder

The machine has a 100% quality ceramic burr grinder that grinds beans evenly transferring tiny heat. The grinder has buttons also which can be used to adjust it to the finest settings desired ensuring that all the selected coffee ground is utilized in the brewing process.

A bypass door is an additional feature, which will allow one to fill the brew group directly without sieving dispensing pre-ground coffee suitable for some people.

Coffee capacity and water

mbverwqfgfThe Gaggia Anima machine has a water reservoir with a capacity of up to 60oz of water and the bean hopper having a capacity of 8.8oz of the whole bean coffee.

To remove impurities, the water reservoir has a Mavea water filtration system that ensures the long life of the machine and sweet tasting water.

Dreg box and drip tray

Water from other external sources and from inside the spout will be collected and rinsed by the by the ample 24oz drip tray in the machine. The internal dreg box will hold approximately 15 pucks of made coffee.

Brew group

It’s at the center of the machine which can be removed. It automatically tamps the ground coffee every time it will need to be extracted. Its ability to be removed helps it to be rinsed keeping it clean.

Standby Mode

The gaggia anima super automatic espresso machine has a power stand-by mode after it’s idle for an hour.