How to Select the Best gaming Mouse for a Better Gaming Experience

If you have been searching for the best gaming mouse to enhance your computer playing experience, then you are very lucky. There are different types of wireless gaming mice. Game junkies are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a gaming mouse. Whatever games you love playing selecting a mouse that suits your needs is vital to making your gaming experience enjoyable.

Being that there are so many gaming mice to choose from doesn’t necessarily mean that you go out there and just pick any mouse for gaming; certain factors need to be considered to help you select the best gaming mouse. Here are some of the things you need to consider before buying the best gaming mouse.

Factors to consider

Speed and precision

Every game junkie knows that a mouse that is fast and precise will give you an edge over your opponents, and for thijhjhjhjhjhjhgfgfgs reason, you have to understand the difference between an ordinary mouse and that for gamers. The mouse speed is measured by the response time to your PC.

The ideal speed for a gaming mouse should be 1ms. The precision with which the mouse detects movement changes should be more than 3,500 dpi. Dpi is the measurement of the accuracy of a mouse. So choosing a mouse that meets all this is considered best for gaming.


Mice come in two different models, one that is rounder and intended to be used with your fingers and one that is flatter allowing you to rest the palm of your hand.

The smaller mouse is suitable for people who play games that require precise control for short periods for example first person shooter games like call of duty while the more fitting one would be ideal for someone who plays games like World of Warcraft that takes quite some time.

Wireless gaming mice

If you would like the freedom to sit wherever you want and not tied to your computer as you play your games, then a wireless mouse would be ideal for you.

With the improvements in wireless technology, it is possible to get a fast wireless gaming mouse. However getting one of this is quite a bit more expensive than the usual ones.

Durability and portability

ppkpkkpkpgfggfffGaming mice often get banged around quite a bit in the course of gaming, so if you are going to buy a mouse, you should get one with a mouse pad. It’s important to choose a mouse that comes with its safety bag so you can be comfortable to move around with it.

If all these tips are considered, you will select the best gaming mouse for your gaming experience


Boom Beach Strategy for Beginners

Boom Beach Strategy is an incredible mobile video game developed by Supercell for Android and IOS mobile devices. Using the boom beach hack is the best way to win this game. The game is based on a war concept whereby players battle it out against system (computer) generated bases. Players are armed with troops and defenses that are similar to those in the Clash of Clans game- also, a Supercell developed game.

Tips on the best and most efficient Bloom Beach strategy

Know the battle basics

The first thing you should do even before you attempt playing the game ensures that you understand the battle basics. You need to know how you will manage your troops to win as many battles as fjdgdfdgdpossible.

In addition to this, your main target should be the headquarters of the enemy. The majority of the fighting resources you have including your military units should be used to attack the headquarters. This helps a lot in weakening the enemy and eventually winning the battle.

Protect your resources

When the enemies attack and overpower your defense system, they will take all the resources you have. This is why you should protect resources such as gold, iron, stone and wood in a vault so that they are secured from the enemies. You should invest in resource boats as they carry your resources away from the enemy when you are attacked.

Use the best troops

If you want to overcome and defeat your enemy, you need to have the best troops and an equally strong defense system. Use the Rifleman troops to fight your enemies. Send many of these troops to battle as enemies find them very annoying thereby making it easy to overwhelm the enemies and eventually defeat them. Send the Zookas alongside the heavy troops for maximum damage of the enemy’s territories. Zookas cause the greatest damage and also protect the heavy troops from being overpowered by the enemy. Other resources that you can consider using include warriors and tanks for mega power and extra destruction.

Upgrade youjmdshsjhfjdfr headquarters

For you to progress to advanced game levels in Boom Beach, you not only need to conquer as many enemies as possible but also upgrade your headquarters. This unlocks new abilities and game features that will come in handy when battling enemies in the game. The best thing about upgrading your bases in the game is that it is free and as such, you do not have to spend any of your credits while upgrading.

Boom Beach is a thrilling game that does not require any detailed gaming prowess to play. As long as the players understand the concept of the game and are armed with the best tips and boom beach strategy, it becomes easy to defeat enemies in the game.