Benefits of sms marketing

SMS marketing is the marketing through cellphones, where content(wanted or unwanted) is sent to different phone numbers. Normally, SMS is read in 4-5 minutes , which makes them highly convertible. Earlier it received negative remarks from people and related it to spam, but later it became popular means of advertising.

Now it has been popular in many parts of the world, perhaps providing good results in marketing. There are various remarkable benefits of SMS marketing such as.

Fast delivery

SMS is lighter in size and are sent instantly, this doesn’t require much time. The average time required to send a message is 6 seconds. So it can be considered as fasted mode of communication.

High market potential

Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. SMS notification is always displayed on the mobile screen, and people read almost all important ones. SMS is the basic medium of chatting and is used by millions, so it’s highly potential regarding marketing or advertising anything.

Short messages

2SMS is a shirt and to the point, gives the viewer clear and concise information. It is understandable easily and highly responsive. Though it is quite tough for some to promote their business in few words but still manages to spread the main message behind.

Reliable unlike emails, SMS doesn’t need to face spam or other filters. There aren’t any barriers and leads to the direct connection with the customer.

 Conversion rate

SMS has the incredibly high conversion rate. Weather its a contest or promotion, it always receives more response compared to any other marketing strategy.

High open rate

SMS has high open rate compared to email marketing. Almost every message is open and readable easily. In some cases, texts are automatically opened and viewed to phone bearer.

Out- in and out-out instantlyout-in and opt-out of your SMS stream is instant due to the advent of short codes. Subscriber satisfaction is high due to simplicity in opting in and out.

Flexible platformeither send messages to targeted group or thousands of people. SMS truly molds itself according to the needs of your business. Let sms marketing services easily customizes your message campaigns to the need of your SMS subscribers.

 Better than emails

3SMS is viewed much as compared to email. Emails are excess in number and oversized also. So it takes the time to any email to open, where as SMS can be read instantly. Email has to go though filters and spams, whereas message is sent directly with no such obstruction.