The Irrefutable Benefits Of GPS Fleet Management

Fleet management is not easy especially when there is a shortage of drivers, many vehicles to manage, and high fuel costs. Without knowing a vehicle’s location, choosing the right route becomes a problem. As such, it becomes necessary to improve fleet management to cut operation costs and improve fleet visibility.fcsgfhtjykuDc

In fleet management, things like driver training and satisfaction can be planned for, and maintenance of the fleet can be easily handled. However, having total control over your fleet when they are out on the road is another story. At this instant, gps fleet management becomes a valuable tool. GPS fleet tracking will not only improve the overall success of the business but will also bring some benefits to the driver and the vehicle.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Fleet fuel monitoring.

By keeping track of your fleet with GPS tracking systems, you can identify the best, and shortest routes hence reduce fuel costs and repair bills. GPS management keeps track of activities such as over-revving, idling, speeding and hard braking hence maximizing the efficiency of the entire fleet.

Locate stolen vehicles and prevent unauthorized private use.

Once your vehicles are on the road, you have almost zero control. You cannot predict where or when your car might be stolen. Fortunately, with GPS tracking, you can easily locate your stolen vehicle wherever it may be.

Vehicles are a significant investment, and the best way to protect your investment is with GPS tracking system. Your driver might appear to be trustworthy, but there is a likelihood that they are taking advantage of your trust and using your vehicles for personal or unauthorized use. With GPS management, you will be alerted in case of any unauthorized use.

Better customer service and enhanced security.

Note that GPS tracking will benefit not only the business and the drivers but also the customers. With GPS tracking customers can find the vehicles that are nearest to their location hence faster response times. Improved supervision helps improve customer satisfaction.

ddfghyjukiQcBy monitoring every aspect of your fleet on the road, you will be alerted in case of unsafe driving hence allowing you to ensure the safety of your drivers and your vehicles. This way drivers will be more careful and responsible since they are aware of the GPS monitoring.

Fleet management keeps getting complicated and getting ahead of the game has proven to be tough. In this regard, the only way to run your fleet more efficiently and increase profitability is by investing in fleet management systems.


Factors to Consider when Choosing High Quality Shaft Seals

The main causes of leakage from hydraulic machines, pumping systems, sumps and gearcases are wrong choices of shaft seals, poor installation and lack of proper maintenance. The use  of the o ring is also common in the shaft seals.

One of the best ways of overcoming this problem is through careful selection of high-quality shaft seals. Some factors must be considered when choosing high-quality shaft seals. Read on to find out more about these factors.

Different factors

Shaft speed

The preferred shaft speed is the function of the shaft run out, finish, shaft concentricity, housing bore, type of seal hghghghghgfdfdmaterial and type of medium being sealed.

Temperature is also another factor to consider when choosing a high-quality shaft seal. The temperature range of the seal elastomer must be lower or equal to the temperature range of the medium where seal installation takes place.


Pressure is also another factor to consider when choosing a high-quality shaft seal. You must select shaft seals that withstand both very low-pressure and high-pressure applications. This kind of shaft can offer pressure relief if needed.

Shaft hardness

Shafts with a hardness of 30 RCs or more have longer seal life regardless of whether they are exposed to abrasive contamination or not.

Shaft surface finish

Most efficient and reliable sealing is achieved with maximum shaft surface finishes. The spiral lead and direction of the finish tool marks affect the sealing efficiency. The best sealing results are obtained with ground or polished shafts with concentric finish marks.


When the shaft centers and bore are not aligned properly, you will experience shorter sealing life because the wear or any form of damage will be concentrated on one side.

Shaft and Bore Tolerances

You must also consider shaft and bore tolerances when choosing a high-quality shaft seal. The best seal result is obtained when there are shaft and bore tolerances.


You must also consider run out when choosing a shaft seal. Make sure the runout is maintained at the minimum. The shaft whip and the bearing wobble cause the center of rotation to move. In addition to inappropriate alignment, this problem is worsened.


wxfxvbhhbfddfLast but not least, you must also consider lubricant medium when choosing a high-quality shaft seal. Seals present superb results when they are consistently lubricated with oils that are compatible with the seal lip material and that have correct viscosity for the application.

So the seal-oil incompatibility should not be ignored if you want to achieve the best sealing performance.